New Experiences on Prac

The three weeks of professional experience has now been completed and I am exhausted. It has been one of the most difficult class I have had due to their low ability and number of students who had learning difficulties. There were 26 students in the grade 5 home class I was with, however the Math and English classes were streamed so that there were 21 students altogether in the core class (mixture of students from my home class and the class next door) I taught. Their needs ranged from dyslexia, ESL, anxiety, ADHD, traumatic emotional experiences, and severe asthma which I need to be aware of when planning lessons.

During this time I had learned new class management and differentiation strategies, which has made me feel more confident of myself as a teacher. In an introductory angles lesson I taught in the last week of professional experience, I had integrated the use of iPads in the lesson, so that students could take photos of an area in the classroom and oval to outline on a drawing app and share their findings on the SMART board. To do this, I had discovered and learned how to use AirServer which the school has purchased and enables the mirroring of the iPad screen to the SMART board. While checking the iPads prior to the lesson, I had some difficulties figuring out how to connect it to AirServer (as it was the first time I had ever used it), however after a few minutes of quick research on Google I had realised that the iPads and computer had to be connected to the same wi-fi and the problem was quickly resolved.

As the students had not had this type of experience before in the classroom, all were very fascinated and engaged throughout the lesson and there were no major behaviour issues other than a bit of talk and being distracted with the other apps on the iPad. This was just one of the lessons which I had integrated ICTs throughout the three weeks, however I had been advised by my mentor to use more concrete materials in my lessons than ICTs, as the students required this type of manipulation of materials and learning to aid in their understanding of concepts.


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