Quality ICT Integration

With part of this week’s learning path focused on ways to make sure our ICT integration (in our second assignment) were of good quality, I have realised from reflecting on one of my previous posts that I am on the right track in using the SAMR Model to help me decide whether a resource would enhance students’ learning. In the learning path this week, some of the suggested tools and frameworks to help in this aspect of the assignment include the 8 Decoding Learning themes from the Decoding Learning Report to see how each resource is used, as well as this blog post, which shows the difference between using technology and technology integration in a table.

While this is helpful in showing the effectiveness of the ICTs and resources incorporated into the unit plan, another important aspect to consider is students’ interests and whether they would be excited and willing to engage in the activities during the unit. Here is a video showing some interesting ways to incorporate ICTs in learning.


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